05 April 2004


The other day I did what everyone who wears glasses has done at one time or another. You have your glasses on in the shower, they fog up and you think you are going blind. Today I had a new twist on that old problem.

The pollen and mold counts have been astronomical. Every allergy sufferer in Texas has known this first hand. Because of this I have rarely worn my contacts. So rare has it been that I forgot I had put them in this morning.

I come home and take a shower to ease sore joints and settle my allergy symptoms. While I am shaving my legs I realize I am able to read the back of the soap container. Since that is something I cannot normally do in the shower I am surprised. I get excited and think God has healed my nearsightedness. I am just about to yell to my roommate that I have been healed when I remember I have my contacts in.

God is good and could heal my vision, but perhaps he wants to start with my mind. It obviously has the greater need for healing. So have a little chuckle on me. Laughter heals as well.

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