31 July 2010


Camp Nené  was a resounding success!  The sweet little girls came over the day before I had to go out of town and we had a blast.  We spent an hour wandering around the local Asian market.  They loved seeing everything and no corner of the store was overlooked.  We played games, watched movies, did gymnastics and stayed up late. The next day got started with Julia's favorite; popovers!  They were able to stay until after lunch where Meredith discovered pierogies.  They are now her favorite!

The day after found me up early to get to the airport for a flight.   I was so excited I never noticed someone stealing my cane in the airport.  An older couple sat next to me and when they got up to leave she grabbed my cane thinking it was hers.  After they had walked for a bit her husband asked her where she  had gotten the cane as she had left hers at home.  They were kind enough to turn it in to lost and found.  Meanwhile, the Southwest Airlines gate agent made a valiant effort to locate it for me.  When she found it was at lost and found, she told me how to get there. She'd said she'd make sure I did not miss my flight as it was loading at that point.  I was the last on the plane but thankfully I made it!  

The days in St. Louis were a happy blur of moments surrounding a wonderful wedding. I made use of city's rail system to make it out to the local Container Store.  Their general manager is a kind friend who used to work here.  It was such a treat to be able to give him a hug and hear all about his family.

That night at the rehearsal dinner I met many in the bride's family.  I sat with my aunts and the bride's aunt and family and the laughter never stopped.  It was so reassuring to discover Shonna's family was just as silly and fun as my own.  No wonder she felt right at home with us!

Proving that something always goes wrong at weddings, the poor best man was not as lucky with his air travel as I was.  He landed a day late and just half an hour before the wedding.  Thanks to the groom's cousin doing some exemplary fast driving he made it to the church and the wedding started just a few minutes late.

The wedding was fabulous and the reception gave lots of fun moments.  My favorite would have to be my nephew dancing with his mom to "Sesame Street!"  Even some difficulties after it was all over could not diminish the joy of the day.

Sunday I awoke with severe sinus and ear troubles.  I was not looking forward to getting on an airplane while that congested but had no regrets about making the trip for the wedding.  A rough flight home and having everything worsen the next day still had me thanking God I was able to be there. For me, it was worth any discomfort to spend time with loved ones.

Yesterday saw the arrival of my newest nephew.  As I am here and he is in Dallas, I am happy photos can be sent via mobile phones.  It makes me feel as if I haven't missed out on the event. Of course, the best time will be when I get to hold him myself, hopefully soon!

As things are winding down at the end of this long day, I am grateful that tomorrow is a day of rest.  I am looking forward to more time with family as my sister will be here.  This visit will not have the urgency that surrounds a wedding, so the time spent will be much calmer. 

Had already gone to bed tonight but couldn't seem to settle down so I thought I would catch up for the time I was gone. After returning to more regular blogging, I felt bad for missing so many days in a row.  The laptop didn't make the trip and I was too sick to address the lack upon my return. 

Will try for sleep again,


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