05 November 2008

What really matters

I wish everyone would just get a grip. Regardless of the outcome of an election, God is still in charge. I have heard from so many how this election will forever alter America. I am sure it will. I am not sure it will do everything I have been hearing. President-elect Obama will not be either the best or the worst thing to happen to our country. Hopefully we can work together as citizens to change what needs changing in our country, and hold on to the things which make us a nation much admired.

No matter what happens in this country in which I live, what really matters to me is my place in the Kingdom of God. I am a follower of Christ first, and an American second. The former is immutable, the latter is not. My citizenship in God's Kingdom cannot be taken from me by any principality on earth nor will I ever abandon it. If the need arose I could abandon my citizenship in this country. For the whole of my life many things in my country have been at odds with my beliefs. It has not stopped or swayed my faith thus far and nothing of yesterday has changed that.

Glad to remember what really matters,


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