08 March 2007

Quiet hugs

Several members of my family are under the weather. But the good news is we can pray for, encourage and comfort each other. I count myself very blessed that we are close. But an even greater blessing is not having to wait until things are difficult to be there for one another.

Right now I have a friend whose father is ill but won't have anything to do with him. His father disapproves of a choice he made and is allowing that to keep walls between them. My heart aches for him and there is little I can do for him but to let him know he has my love. So, we sat together and I gave him a hug.

Several people have told him how he should handle the situation and offered lots of advice. I know from this last year in my life that people love to offer advice, even when it's not wanted. I have had people offer all sorts of suggestions to me this last year. Some of them too bizarre to even repeat. I have no words to express how much I appreciate someone who can offer support and a quiet hug. They have been the best gift.

Think of someone you can gift today.



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