01 January 2007

Life gets better

Today is really no different from any day this year. Still most of us see a new year as a chance to start over.

Last night when the clock hit midnight one of my little guests jumped up to wish all of us a happy new year. She then told me that this would be the best year ever because we could make it be whatever we wanted.

I started the old year with some severe infirmities. I contemplated the new year and asked for God's grace to cope with the difficulties. I am proud to report that He answered my prayers. I have learned how to rely on Him for all my needs. God gave me what I needed.

My health is still a shaky affair, but my heart is solid. God's peace can see me through anything I will encounter. I know this now to be true. For that, last year will go down in my memory as a grand one.

Glad to be one whom God loves,


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