03 January 2007


"A goal without a plan is just a wish." Antoine de Saint-Exupery

This week many are setting goals for the year or listing things they would like to accomplish. A long time ago a great friend challenged me to rethink my approach to goal setting and achieving. She reminded me that many had vague ideas of what they wanted changed but no idea of how to see it to fruition.

Each time I spend the evening with my favorite little girls, we come up with a plan for the night. I always ask them what the want to do. The reply is to "have fun." We then make a list of things we can do to make that happen. It seems a small thing but I hope it helps them to see that getting things done requires thoughtful planning and definite action.

I have a friend who has spent the last couple of years longing for a change. Now her job is ending and change is being forced upon her. She is not alone in her dilemma. I know another who year after year has voiced her desire to make her life different but as each year passes she has done nothing but wish.

The saddest thing is to see this happen to those who supposedly have a connection to the best encourager around. God specializes in transforming. I can personally attest to His power to work miracles. I am the me I am today entirely because of His work. He has supported me, comforted me, and caused me to rejoice in change.

As I contemplate my wishes for this new year I'll spend much time in prayer. Often the things at the top of my list, are not at the top of His. Thankfully He is patient and will wait until my priorities change to His.

Praying for plans,


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