08 June 2004

Sorry to be gone so long

The photo placed here needed to be removed. Sorry you missed it.

Time has really flown by recently, mostly for good reasons.

Mom and Dad were able to come for a visit after the Texas Republican Convention in San Antonio last week. It is always a great time when they get here. We did everything and nothing. A fantastic way to pass the time.

They brought a program from the convention and it was interesting to see all that was accomplished. On a personal note, my brother-in-love used a photo I had taken for his page. Wow! Very glad to be published for a good cause.

They were able to go to church with me and I finally had the chance to introduce them to some of my friends. I was glad they were able to meet the folks who have meant so much to me.

We found an armoire for dad at Ikea. To get him ready for the task of assembling it, I got him to put a dresser together for me. It had made it to my home last year but stayed in it's box until dad set it free.

Mom had brought pictures of my sister's visit to Utah. The above is from that visit. Aren't they just the sweetest things? Their aunt sure thinks so.

Will try to be a more consistent blogger. Thanks for checking in.

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