02 September 2014

The tale is in the weaving

It's the way the little things weave together that make life count.  The past 7 days have been overwhelmingly horrid. But there have been some bright moments;  hugs from sweet girls, a birthday party,  & the soul soothing relief holding a newborn brings. God is certainly with me in my trials!

Today was filled with juxtaposition as well.  Several challenging situations at work including one which caused me to stay late.  But my God who continues to sustain me led me to a breezy shady spot for my picnic dinner. (read, sandwich to tide me over so I could run errands tonight) My handy dandy first aid kit got a workout in Target's parking lot for a little guy who fell.  He was so excited when I pulled my bag out he forgot to keep crying. His big smile & thank you hug just made my day!  Getting in late to shop had me there right as they were marking down a few items I needed!

I'm grateful for these days of anguish for they reassure of me of God's never ending care in my life. For, to whom else could I have taken all my  tears & joy!


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