24 March 2009

Twitter Hazards

Just a little helpful hint to recall while twittering. A dear friend recently fell into a ditch when she was walking the park and texting.

Twitter with care,



Freedom in the Dance said...

I hope you're feeling better soon!
Sad about your friend...was that true or are you just twittering?

jené said...

it was true, she is preparing for the Avon walk the first weekend of April. It was a day she was doing 20 miles. She's a Realtor so she has learned to conduct business while circling the park. That's when she fell in the ditch. She's o.k. and twittered about the event!

Freedom in the Dance said...

That's amazing! I hope she doesn't twitter when she runs the race, tho...that could be deadly!
Have a great Sabbath!
Sea World was a 'show'...the Third Day concert was ok, and I met some ladies that were dancing with flags and they loaned me one...It was marvelous to dance and use one!