16 April 2007


People are going to be debating for a long time how today could have been avoided. The answer is simple, it couldn't have been. Ever since mankind left the Garden of Eden, violence against others has been part of the world.

Someone determined to kill will do so. The fact that it is easier to do so with a bullet than a bomb has little significance to the families who are in mourning tonight.

Now before you go all NRA on me, I don't want to limit your ability to own a gun. It is your right to do so. I do want to make it harder to buy bullets. Just to see how easy it would be I tried earlier this year to purchase ammunition online. One place said they would send my order as soon as they had received a faxed copy of my drivers license and a signed statement swearing I was of age.

In a land where cold remedy must be signed for is it too much to expect that buying a bullet should be a little bit more difficult?

Unfortunately nothing you or I can do can comfort those dealing with their loss tonight. Only God can ease their heartache.


You know so well the loss of one
You gave us Christ, your only son.
Many today have lost a child, the greatest grief that's ever known.
Help them now to feel your Love,
and send the Comfort of your Own.

In Jesus name,



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