27 April 2015


I've always been able to recall my dreams. Over my lifetime they've varied from the mundane to the whimsical. In the time since my mother moved to heaven, some have been bittersweet. I wake up from dreams of her and realize she's no longer here.

When I was young I went through a period where nightmares often visited. I can only recall those happening whenever my dad was stationed away from us. I think anyone who grew up in a military family would understand why that was so.

While truly scary dreams are rare, I've noticed an increase in disturbing, painful & anxious dreams of late. These seem to happen when pain levels are elevated. Do any of you have this happen? I'd welcome any suggestions you might have to see these go away.

My answer so far has been to pray. For those in the dream, for the pain which thankfully causes me to waken, and for all the suffering I see in the world around me. I'm always grateful for anytime I spend in prayer. But I'm wishing more of it were in the daytime rather than the night.

Praying the night away,


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