27 August 2007

Job description

Over the last two weeks my three favorite Burpeau gals have come to spend the night. They each came alone and for the two younger ones it was their first time to spend the night away from home on their own. With each visit little gems of wisdom were left behind. They all came together on Sara's night over.

We watched the Prince of Egypt. She knew the story of Moses but had not seen the film before. When the scene with God asking Moses to return to Egypt was on she had loads of questions. How does the bush burn and not burn up at the same time? Why did God choose that bush instead of any others? Why should Moses go back to Egypt, couldn't God just free the people on His own? Why did Moses argue with God? Why didn't he just go the first time God told him to?

I answered the questions briefly during the film but they came up for discussion later as we were getting ready for bed. She asked me what was the thing that meant the most to me from the story of Moses. I told her the thing that impacted me the most was God's response each time Moses gave a reason why he couldn't do what God asked of him. While God told him of the many miracles He would have Moses perform, His first and repeated answer was " I will go with you."

I told Sara God does the same thing for us. Whenever God asks us to do something it does not matter if we are good at it or not. God goes with us and He can use anyone to accomplish His work. I told her our goal for life should be doing what God wants us to. She then wanted to know how we can know what God wants us to do.

I swallowed a chuckle and told her there were some things we can know for certain God wants us to do. I explained Jesus had left us some rather detailed instructions which we could consider to be our job description. He told us to love God with all of our being and to love others as ourselves.

Jesus said, "'Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence.' This is the most important, the first on any list. But there is a second to set alongside it: 'Love others as well as you love yourself.' These two commands are pegs; everything in God's Law and the Prophets hangs from them."

Matthew 22:37-40
The Message

I explained this is something everyone can do and know that it is what God wants them to do. Just to forestall any further questions I told her that God always goes with us and helps us to do the things he asks.

She is young enough to not let external limitations keep her from doing what needs to be done. You will find many older Christians who come up with a variety or reasons why they cannot do a particular task.

Common replies includes :

"That's not one of my spiritual gifts."

"I am uncomfortable _____________" (fill in the blank with serving, talking, witnessing, teaching Sunday school, meeting strangers)

"I don't have the skills to do that job."

"I don't feel the Lord is calling me that way." N.B. The Lord always calls you to love and share His love, that's a given

"I am not that kind of person, I just can't do that."

For all of these excuses there is but one answer. It is the same one God gave Moses.

"I am going with you."

I told Sara the saddest thing on earth is how many people who call themselves Christian who never read the job description.

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