17 August 2007

Hope of a promise

Walker Joseph, you are the hope of a promise .

You who were so new from the Hand of God.

Who returned to the Father as quickly as you came.

You were a gift which celebrated your parents’ love.

They cherished and adored you.

You have grandparents who longed to spoil you.

You have aunts and uncles who eagerly awaited the chance to make you laugh.

You were to be welcomed to a large extensive family.

That family, Walker Joseph, is made up of many who are also part of the family of God.

Because of that, we are assured we will get to know you someday.

For now you wait with the Father in Heaven.

Because His Son Jesus made it possible,

our future will lead us to Heaven too.

There we will finally be together again.

That is the hope we all know will be fulfilled.

Until then,

missing you,

your cousin jene’

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