27 July 2007

More lessons from little girls

I have spent a few evenings the last few weeks with my favorite little Burpeau gals. I love spending time with young children. They are so flexible and creative in their thinking. It takes a while to learn limitations and inhibitions. When children are so fresh from the hand of God their theology is centered on how they see Him. I think that is why Jesus advised us to have the faith of a little one. He knew they were clear in their thinking as it is done mostly from the heart.

A couple of weeks ago Julia was talking to the Lord in her bedtime prayers. She always starts with an old favorite.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
I love guard me through the night,
wake me with the morning light.

Well after the prayer I pointed out the actual phrase is "Thy love guard me". I explained that the word Thy is an old fashioned fancy way of saying you. Now on to the original one of a kind Julia part of her prayer. She followed up her nightly recitation with this.

"Almighty Heavenly God, thanks for all the things you've been gaving us. Now can you give us what we need?"

When she had finished so told me "I like to call Him Heavenly God cause He's in heaven and He's God." I have got to admit she definitely has a point.

Tonight's unique offering was just as sweet. "Thank you God for going back to Heaven after you were Jesus down here, and thanks for leaving a part of you in my heart."

I have to admit, prayer time with Julia is better than many sermons.

Glad He left a part of Himself in my heart too.


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Cherlyn said...

What sweet prayers! :)