24 July 2007

Losing sleep for a good cause

You would think that someone like myself who has great difficulty getting good sleep would not voluntarily give up that precious commodity. Not true. Early on Saturday morning after leaving Borders just after midnight I stayed awake on purpose to read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in one night.

So what draws a forty-six year old woman to stay up all night and read a children's book? I have read all of the series and have spent a good deal of time talking with children about the lessons which can be learned from reading for a purpose. This latest offering has spurred many discussions. I would have to say that this is the hallmark of a successful book. I know many will call the Harry Potter series a success because of the revenue it has and continues to generate. I believe it is a success because of all the conversation and real thought it has engendered

Sleep is something which for me is fleeting at best. Having an impact on a child's life is the greatest. The trade off seems more than equitable, I lose some sleep but I get to chat with kids about what they feel and think.

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