08 February 2008

Singing in Heaven....and Texas too!

I came straight from work to play with my favorite gals tonight while their mom and dad are working at the school charity event. I had brought everything to make pizza. They love to get their hands into the dough and really enjoy kneading.

After dinner I was washing the dishes when Sara came running into the kitchen with Julia racing in right after her. Sara was smiling so hard she was about to burst her face. She said "Nené, guess what just happened in the living room! " Before I could even draw a breath, she rushed on. " I helped Julia to say a prayer to ask Jesus to live in her heart and now she’ll go to heaven with us someday! " Julia was beaming and said " I asked Sara to help so I could say the right things. " Well of course this meant stopping the dishes right then so we could talk about everything.

I can tell you it was about 20 minutes of the purest joy I will ever find this side of heaven. It was also a relief to have a serious talk of a happy nature. During dinner we had already dealt with: who’s a stranger, why do people die, why are some people hungry, who made angels, and why did satan want to leave heaven. After fielding all of those, living for Jesus is a very welcome respite.

Later before bed we all spent some time together singing, doing Tai Chi, and meditating. We were all in close quarters in Julia’s bed for thankful time. Anyone can say something they are thankful for and the thanks run the gamut from the touching to the silly. My heart soared when Sara said " I am thankful Julia now has Jesus, and I am glad I could help."

Me too, Sara, this is the best thing you will ever do.


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Anonymous said...

what a sweet and indescribable joy it is to see a young child take that step! it outshines any moment i can think of!