16 June 2007

Generous souls

Today was my last day to work for a week. I am taking some time off to celebrate my birthday. There have been a few times this year when I wondered if I would make it to this one. I have no great plans for the time off. I hope to get in some fun times like visiting museums and the zoo, but mostly hope to nap often.

I am blessed to work with several talented people. I have been following the works of one in particular. There is something about the way he makes use of his talent on the canvas that makes my heart sing. Today he showed just how generous his soul is as well. He gifted me one of his beautiful creations. As I looked at the piece I was overcome with how glorious it was. I turned to hug him and had to fight hard not to burst into tears. His art has always touched me, and his kindness is something I have long known, but today I learned just how giving he is.

I don't see how I could have had a better start to my vacation. No matter what else happens this week, today was a winner.

Thanks John for giving me so much of yourself. You are a treasure.

Profoundly thankful,


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